Wesley J. Chun
Software Architect, Technical Consultant, Corporate Trainer
Silicon Valley, California, USA
@wescpy / +WesleyChun
+WESLEY CHUN, MSCS, is the author of Prentice Hall's bestselling Core Python books, the Python Fundamentals companion video lectures, co-author of Python Web Development with Django, and has written for Linux Journal, CNET, and InformIT. In addition to being an engineer & Developer Advocate at Google, he runs CyberWeb, a consultancy specializing in Python training. Wesley has over 25 years of programming, teaching, and writing experience. While at Yahoo!, he helped create Yahoo! Mail and Yahoo! People Search using Python. Wesley holds degrees in Computer Science, Mathematics, and Music from the University of California. He loves traveling worldwide to meet developers, whether at a technical conference, user group meeting, or on a university campus. Wesley is a Fellow of the Python Software Foundation and can be reached on Google+ or Twitter.
2014-2015 • Advocate Google Apps APIs (Drive, Gmail, Calendar, Sheets, etc.) plus Google Apps Script to developers
2013-2014 • Build awareness of Google developer technologies & APIs in academia
2011-2012 • Author of the spinoff book, Core Python Applications Programming, 3rd edition
2010-2011 • Bringing the magic of Google cloud computing to the global developer community
2008-2009 • Wrote Python Fundamentals & co-author of Python Web Development with Django
2007-2008 • Help people shop locally, online then offline (geo-located product search engine)
2005-2006 • Revised and updated Core Python Programming for its 2nd edition
2004-2005 • Helping the world get rid of spam and viruses from their e-mail inboxes
2002-2003 • Bringing new medicines to market faster with radiology software for doctors
2000-2001 • Author of Core Python Programming; created its CD-ROM and website
1998-1999 • Lead software engineer and web designer for Yahoo! People Search
1997-1998 • Helped create Yahoo!Mail by architecting address book and spellchecker
1995-1996 • Developed various networking tools and software for the Solaris operating system
1994-1995 • Completed graduate work and published papers and thesis in networking field
Nov 09 - present GOOGLE, San Francisco & Mountain View, California
Senior Developer Advocate: Perform outreach, evangelism, and support for Google developer tools, APIs, and platforms to professional developers as well as those in academia. Bring about awareness and drive adoption while advocating to and for developers. Use various technologies (Python, JavaScript, Google Apps Script, Google App Engine) to build small tools or prototype apps for use in technical documentation, articles, and/or published works. Resolve user issues, file bugs, communicate between the global developer community and internal teams (product management, site reliability, core engineering), organize developer events (meetups, reliability, and core engineering teams, organize developer events (meetups, user groups, hackathons, sprints, etc.), help answer questions on online forums (StackOverflow, Quora, Google Groups) as well as engage in talks with potential partners. Travel worldwide to deliver technical talks & tutorials at conferences and user group meetings. Also create, script, and star in developer video content as well as contribute technical writing/editing (i.e., books, articles, team blogposts, tweets / Google+ posts, personal technical blogposts, etc.) as well as perform internal training on Python and App Engine.
Jan 95 - present CYBERWEB CONSULTING, Silicon Valley, California
Principal: Founder and principal resource of technical consulting agency specializing in Python corporate training, including public instruction and short-term engineering contracts. Writing duties include Python-related books, articles, and general technical writing and editing.
Nov 08 - Oct 09 SLIDE, San Francisco, California
(acquired by Google Aug 2010)
Architect: Responsible for designing and building low-level libraries and application integration to support the logging infrastructure for various products such as the Slide.com destination site and SuperPoke Pets applications, and the user forum in-house application. Also extracted data rows for the report generator using using customized pseudo-SQL queries, all using Python.
Also serving in a community leadership position for the engineering team, providing support, guidance, and encouragement, trying to bring some stability to a hectic startup environment. I advocate agile development, longer, more well-thoughtout design processes, and careful architecting vs. hacking systems together that are thrown away later. Helped organize the company's presence at the PyCon conference and generally make myself available as an in-house Python resource. Also have been writing up a "PyTips" column for the team giving insight, describing useful modules, suggested tools, and best practices.
Oct 06 - Nov 08 NEARBYNOW, Mountain View, California
(acquired by JiWire Nov 2010)
Senior Engineer: Building applications for optimizing localized retail shopping for consumers who research and shop online but prefer to buy offline. Built an SMS/text messaging service allowing mobile phone users to utilize the company's search engine to find products, sales, coupons, brands, etc., at shopping malls and have results delivered directly to their cell phones which interfaced to the mBlox mobile transaction network (via XML). Also developed an in-house application to help CSRs manage product reservations and availability checks for customers. This customer reservation tool was built on top of RoundUp, a relatively simple yet highly customizable Python issue tracking system. Responsible for system maintenance product requirements such as deployment and release, monitoring, log management, and reporting. Work performed on CentOS Linux, Mac OS X, and Win32 systems using Python as the primary development tool mixed with writing Unix shell scripts and MySQL queries. Parsed some XML and JSON using various tools as well as SQLAlchemy and Elixir for higher-level ORM database access.

  • United States Patent Pending: Systems and Methods for Searching a Defined Area
          Publication#: US 2009/0265251-A1, published on 22-Oct-2009; Application#: 11/948,884, filed 30-Nov-2007
          Inventors: Scott Dunlap, Dan Steinman, Jeff Piper, Josh Schaefer, Johannes Erdfelt, Quyen Tran, Wesley Chun, Paul Howe.

  • Nov 05 - Oct 06 (time off to write Core Python Programming, 2nd ed.; see CYBERWEB CONSULTING above)
    May 04 - Nov 05 IRONPORT SYSTEMS, San Bruno, California
    (acquired by Cisco Jan 2007)
    Software Engineer: Designed and architected computer applications for a series of electronic mail security gateway appliances used for high-performance message delivery and spam and virus filtering services. Development performed using (both native and coroutine-based stackless versions of) Python in FreeBSD Unix, MacOS X, and Win32 operating environments with the MySQL and PostgreSQL database systems. Specific products worked on include: Virus Outbreak Filters® (temporarily quarantine suspicious messages during the vulnerable period between time zero -- when a virus is released into the wild -- and when an antivirus IDE signature is made available to the public), Mail Flow Central® (message tracking, appliance data import and analysis, report generation, etc.), Spam Quarantine (message view and search), and Threat Operations Center application code which helps operations analysts monitor for worldwide viral outbreaks.
    Nov 01 - Apr 04 SYNARC, San Francisco, California
    (merged with Center for Clinical and Basic Research [CCBR] Jul 2013)
    Senior Software Developer: Lead software engineer for clinical trials medical imaging application which allows radiologists and trained technicians to perform vertebral identification in a digital domain, quantitative morphometry (QM) reading, and both semi-quantitative (SQ) and binary semi-quantitative (BSQ) scoring of spine radiographs (X-rays) for vertebral fracture analysis and assessment. Enhancing and developing software in a Unix/Solaris environment using Python, Tk (Tkinter and Pmw), and C, and database queries and stored procedures using Sybase Transact SQL.
    Aug 99 - Nov 01 (time off to write Core Python Programming and world travel; see CYBERWEB CONSULTING above)
    Oct 97 - Aug 99 YAHOO!, Santa Clara, California
    Technical Yahoo!: Lead software engineer managing one junior engineer for Yahoo! People Search, an online email, telephone, and netphone database directory (replacing the original Four11.com site) -- proprietary database with SQL-like access. Developed the code which interfaces Four11 native code with Yahoo!'s enormous data streaming libraries, allowing People Search to "tap into" the data flow. Also created an API to People Search for other Yahoo! products (properties) and customized the People Search web system to work directly with corresponding wireless application on the Palm VII PDA. Responsibilities for People Search included full-time development, sustaining engineering, internationalization, automating nightly updates, 24x7 support, and interfacing to other Yahoo! products such as Yahoo!Mail, Address Book, and the main Yahoo! user database. Other projects included the graphical and engineering redesign of the RocketMail/Yahoo!Mail Address Book and Spell Checker. Job functions in a FreeBSD and Solaris environment: Internet software development (Python, C/C++), Apache webserver maintenance, maintenance and utility scripting tools (Unix shell and Python), and web page design.
    Feb 97 - Oct 97 FOUR11, Menlo Park, California
    (acquired by Yahoo! Oct 1997)
    Software Engineer: Web site design and software development using an internal core web technology which was a Python and HTML based proprietary predecessor to Zope, JSP, ASP, PHP, etc. Also used some C++ and Javascript. Projects included: front-end processing and graphical web page design of Four11 Contact Groups, an e-mail address (buddy list) management system for membership-based organizations (predecessor to Yahoo! Clubs); text processing for the RocketMail and Yahoo!Mail web-based electronic mail systems; and porting software across Solaris and FreeBSD UNIX platforms. Also managed web servers, manage file backup and recovery system under Samba using Amanda, and helped administer Solaris, FreeBSD, and Windows desktop systems.
    Aug 94 - Jan 97 SUN MICROSYSTEMS: SUNSOFT, Mountain View, California
    (acquired by Oracle Jan 2010)
    Member of Technical Staff: Developed name service network system software in SunSoft. Projects included: improving password coordination between NIS/YP and NIS+ name servers, managing the product source gate/tree, automating nightly builds, testing and integrating bug fixes and enhancements, and experimenting with GUI front-ends to products using Tcl/Tk. Other responsibilities included helping system administration teams with giving training seminars for our products, providing on-call engineering support, and aiding in transition (NIS/YP to NIS+) projects. Occasional tasks included aiding in the budget forecast, requisition, and justification of capital equipment, participating in college recruiting and collegiate relations programs/events, helping out with technical documentation, and performing customer visits.
    Jun 93 - Sep 93 HEWLETT PACKARD, Palo Alto, California
    Information Technology Specialist (SEED): Assisted in porting an open object-oriented database client system written for UNIX systems to PCs under DOS/Windows. Converted suite programs and interactive object structured query language (IOSQL) scripts that test database interface functionality.
    (acquired by Osicom Technologies Jan 1996 which acquired and became Sorrento Networks in Jan 1999 and Sep 2000, respectively)
    Contractor: Tested ROM TCP and Data Link level drivers for various VMEbus Ethernet interface boards. Tests and measurements are performed on various configurations using TCP/UDP/IP, FTP, RPC, etc. Also contributed in the testing of diagnostic utilities, installation procedures, and user manual editing.
    Mar 92 - Sep 92 LEGATO SYSTEMS, Palo Alto, California
    (acquired by EMC Jul 2003)
    Member of Technical Staff: Served as a software and release engineer for NetWorker, a disk file backup and recover system for UNIX/NetWare heterogeneous environments. Responsibilities included: source tree management, master tape cutting, product serialization, system administration, and giving UNIX training seminars.
    Aug 90 - Feb 92 XILINX, San Jose, California
    Software Engineer: Software product development using C with internal software tools and libraries. Projects/responsibilities included: software security with network licensing and hardware protection, graphical interactive X and Microsoft Windows applications using internal development tools, instructing internal training courses, technical documentation, text file encryption, and maintenance of multiplatform software development framework.
    Adjunct Faculty: Deliver an Intermediate Python course (CS 21B/CIS 68L) at Foothill College as well as serve occasionally as a substitute instructor for the beginner course (CS 21A/CIS 68K).
    Jan 95 - present CYBERWEB CONSULTING, Silicon Valley, California
    Principal: Founder of technical consulting agency performing private technical corporate training as well as public instruction. Current courses: (Comprehensive) Intro+Intermediate Python and Advanced Python. Other courses offered: C Programming and Introduction to Unix.
    Jul 95 - Mar 03 UCSC EXTENSION, University of California, Santa Cruz
    Course Instructor: Designing and teaching engineering courses for working professionals, primarily Python Programming (CS X444.3) and Python Programming II (CS X461.5). Other courses include: Introduction to UNIX (CS X472) and C Language Programming (CS X471). Practicing and developing interpersonal skills and strategies while working with a variety of students of differing aptitudes and backgrounds.
    May 94 - Jan 97 ADDISON WESLEY LONGMAN, Menlo Park, CA
    Textbook Reviewer: Performing occasional reviews of Computer Science and Engineering manuscripts and prepublished texts from Benjamin/Cummings and Addison-Wesley for technical content and accuracy.
    Sep 93 - Mar 94 DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER SCIENCE, University of California, Santa Barbara
    Reader and Teaching Assistant: Graded homework assignments and exams, and led discussion sections for the undergraduate upper division Computer Architecture (CS 154) and lower division Introduction to C and UNIX (CS 60) courses.
    Sep 93 - Dec 93 UCSB EXTENSION, University of California, Santa Barbara
    Course Instructor: Taught the C Programming hands-on laboratory course to working professionals.
    Jun 88-91 - Jul 88-91 CONTRA COSTA COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT, Martinez, California
    Summer Instructor: Each year, taught summer courses in the College For Kids program at a nearby junior college. Classes included: SAT Prep, Algebra, Geometry, and Introductory BASIC Programming. Children ranged from 1st to 11th grades.
    Jan 87 - May 87 STUDENT LEARNING CENTER, University of California, Berkeley
    Mathematics Tutor: Taught math and problem solving skills to students taking Calculus and Analytic Geometry. Obtained hands-on experience along with video tape training and psychological counseling through concurrent course in undergraduate math instruction.
    Oct 83 - Jun 84 RICHMOND UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT, Richmond, California
    Student Instructor: Assisted adult instructor in teaching computer programming skills in BASIC to elementary school students (4th-6th grades) in an afterschool program. Monitored students' programs, problems, and progress. Provided individual and special attention for the enthusiastic. Also aided the instructor in teaching an evening course designed for the students' parents, teachers, and other adults in the community.
    Sep 92 - Aug 94 UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, Santa Barbara
    Master of Science, Computer Science (emphasis: Distributed Systems, degree awarded: Dec 95)

    Jan 85 - May 90 UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, Berkeley
    Artium Baccalaureus, Applied Mathematics (emphasis: Computer Science, degree awarded: Dec 89)
    Certificate of Minor Program, Music (emphasis: Classical Piano, degree awarded: Dec 89)
    OSCON 2009


  • Exploring Google APIs with Python (session)
  • BayPIGgies (Silicon Valley Python users group)
    Thu, 2016 Aug 25
    Mountain View, CA

  • Python 103: Memory Model & Best Practices (session)
  • PyBay (regional PyCon conference)
    2016 Aug 19-21
    San Francisco, CA

  • How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Python at Google (session)
  • PyCon 2016
    2016 May 28-Jun 5
    Portland, OR

  • Intermediate Python (quarterly/12-week course)
  • Foothill College
    Mondays, 2016 Jan 4 - Mar 21 (Winter Quarter)
    Palo Alto, CA

  • Exploring Google APIs with Python & Javascript (session)
  • 2015 Silicon Valley CodeCamp
    2015 Oct 3-4
    San Jose, CA

  • Google PyCon Tech Talks (session)
  • PyCon 2015
    2015 Apr 8-16
    Montreal, QC, Canada

  • What is Python? (session)
  • 2014 Silicon Valley CodeCamp
    2014 Oct 11-12
    Los Altos Hills, CA (bio)

  • How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Python at Google (session)
  • PyCon 2014
    2014 Apr 9-17
    Montreal, QC, Canada

  • Google Apps Script: Getting the Most out of Google Apps (PDF) (session)
  • TCEA
    2014 Feb 3-7
    Austin, TX
  • (The) Chromebook Classroom (PDF) (session)

  • What is Python? (session)
  • 53rd Annual CETPA Conference
    2013 Nov 19-22
    Pasadena, CA
  • The Future of Computing (session)

  • Google, Developers, and Education (session)
  • Fall CUE conference
    Sat, 2013 Oct 26
    American Canyon, CA

  • Python 103: Memory Model & Best Practices (session)
          UPDATE: highest-rated session in Python track, even beating a Python legend!
  • O'Reilly OSCON
    Mon-Fri, 2013 Jul 22-26
    Portland, OR (bio)
  • Google, Developers, and Education (session)
  • Teaching the open source-friendly Google App Engine (and friends) (BoF)
  • What is Python? (BoF)

  • What is Python? (session)
  • 2012 Silicon Valley CodeCamp
    Sat-Sun, 2012 Oct 6-7
    Los Altos Hills, CA (bio)
  • Google, Developers, and Education (session)

  • (Comprehensive) Intro+Intermediate Python (3-day course)
  • CyberWeb Consulting
    Wed-Fri, 2012 Aug 1-3
    San Francisco (Burlingame), CA

  • Connecting to Twitter & Google+ using Python (session)
  • O'Reilly OSCON
    Mon-Fri, 2012 Jul 16-20
    Portland, OR (bio)
  • Python 3: the Next Generation (session)

  • What is Google App Engine? (tutorial)
  • Cloud Fair 2012
    Tue-Thu, 2012 Apr 17-19
    Seattle, WA

  • The Future of Computing (invited talk)
  • National University of Singapore
    Thu, 2011 Nov 10

  • What is Python? (session)
  • 2011 Silicon Valley CodeCamp
    Sat-Sun, 2011 Oct 8-9
    Los Altos Hills, CA (bio)
  • What is Google App Engine? (session)
  • Google App Engine workshop (session)

  • What is Google App Engine? (session)
  • PythonBrasil
    Thu-Sat, 2011 Sep 29-Oct 1
    São Paulo, BR
  • Python 3: the Next Generation (session)

  • The Future of Computing (session)
  • Congresso Brasileiro de Software
    Mon-Fri, 2011 Sep 26-30
    São Paulo, BR

  • What is Google App Engine? (session)
  • PyCon Argentina
    Fri-Sat, 2011 Sep 23-24
    Junín, AR
  • Python 3: the Next Generation (session)

  • Google App Engine workshop (tutorial)
  • O'Reilly OSCON
    Mon-Wed, 2011 Jul 25-27
    Portland, OR (bio)
  • Python 3: the Next Generation (session)

  • Introduction to Python, Cloud Computing & Google App Engine (workshop)
  • ACM CSTA CS&IT Annual Conference
    Mon-Wed, 2011 Jul 11-13
    New York City, NY

  • Writing Books using Python & Open Source Software (session)
  • EuroPython 2011
    Mon-Fri, 2011 Jun 20-25
    Florence/Firenze, IT (bio)
  • Python 3: the Next Generation (is here already) (session)
  • Using Python in Software for the Medical Industry (session)
  • Python 103: Mmmm... Understanding Python's Memory Model, Mutability, and Methods (session)
  • What is Google App Engine? (session)

  • Python@Google (invited talk)
  • Google I/O 2011
    Mon-Wed, 2011 May 9-11
    San Francisco, CA

  • Google App Engine workshop (tutorial)
  • PyCon 2011
    Wed-Sun, 2011 Mar 9-17
    Atlanta, GA (bio)
  • Python 3: the next generation is here already (session)
  • Running pure Django apps on Google App Engine (session)

  • The Next Generation of Humanity (invited talk)
  • Thomas Jefferson High School for Science & Technology
    Fri, 2011 Mar 4
    Alexandria, VA

  • Intermediate Python Programming (quarterly/12-week course)
  • Foothill College
    Mondays, 2011 Jan 3 - Mar 25 (Winter Quarter)
    Los Altos Hills, CA

  • What is Python? (session)
  • 2010 Silicon Valley CodeCamp
    Sat-Sun, 2010 Oct 9-10
    Los Altos Hills, CA (bio)
  • What is Google App Engine? (session)
  • Google App Engine workshop (session)

  • Introduction to Google App Engine (tutorial)
  • EuroPython 2010
    Sat-Thu, 2010 Jul 17-22
    Birmingham, UK (bio)
  • Programming Microsoft Office with Python (session)

  • Introduction to Google App Engine (tutorial)
  • PyCon APAC 2010
    Wed-Fri, 2010 Jun 9-11
  • Python in Education (panel)
  • Python 3: The Next Generation (session)

  • Internet Programming with Python (tutorial [PyCon 2009 link])
  • PyCon 2010
    Wed-Sun, 2010 Feb 17-21
    Atlanta, GA (bio)
  • Writing Books using Python and Open Source Software (session #40)
  • Python 3: The Next Generation (session #48)

  • Introduction to Python (1-day seminar)
  • Association for Computing Machinery
    ACM San Francisco Bay Area Chapter)
    Sat, 2009 Nov 7
    Cupertino, CA

  • Python References and Memory Model (invited talk)
  • PyCon PL 2009
    Fri-Sun, 2009 Oct 16-18
    Ustroń, Śląskie, Poland
  • Multithreading in Python: How, When, & Why (not) (invited talk)

  • What is Python? (session)
  • 2009 Silicon Valley CodeCamp
    Sat-Sun, 2009 Oct 3-4
    Los Altos Hills, CA (bio)
  • Programming Microsoft Office using Python (session)
  • Python 3: The Next Generation (session)

  • Python 3: The Next Generation (seminar)
  • (Silicon Valley Chapter of)
    The Association of C and C++ Users

    Wed, 2009 Aug 12, Mountain View, CA

  • Internet Programming with Python (tutorial)
  • 2009 O'Reilly Open Source Convention/
    17th International Python Conference

    Mon, 2009 Jul 20 and Thu, 2009 Jul 23
    San Jose, CA (bio)
  • Writing Books using Open Source Software (session)
  • What is Python? (BOF)

  • What is Python? (online webcast)
          [download recording] (free with registration)
  • Safari Books Online
    Wed, 2009 Apr 29
    online (broadcast from San Francisco, CA)

  • Internet Programming with Python (tutorial)
  • PyCon 2009
    Thu, 2009 Mar 26
    Chicago, IL (bio)

  • Intermediate Python Programming (12-week course)
  • Foothill College
    Mondays, 2009 Jan 5 - Mar 23 (Winter Quarter)
    Los Altos Hills, CA

  • Internet Programming with Python (tutorial)
        and Programming Microsoft Office using Python (session)
  • PyCon 2008
    Thu-Sun, 2008 Mar 13-16
    Chicago, IL (bio)

  • Experiences Developing Software for Clinical Trials and the Medical Industry
  • 2007 O'Reilly Open Source Convention/
    15th International Python Conference

    Fri, 2007 Jul 27
    Portland, OR (bio)

  • Internet Programming with Python (tutorial)
        and Vertebral Fracture Analysis (session)
  • PyCon 2006
    Thu-Fri, 2006 Feb 23-24
    Dallas (Addison), TX

  • What is Python? (seminar)
  • PERNET - Graduate Seminar Series
    Wed, 2005 Oct 12, 5:30 PM
    San Francisco State University, CA

  • Introduction to Python (tutorial)
  • 2003 O'Reilly Open Source Convention/
    11th International Python Conference

    Monday, July 7, 2003, 8:45pm - 12:15pm
    Portland Marriott Downtown, Portland, OR (bio)

  • Python in Education (session)
        and Python in Medicine (session)
  • PyCon DC 2003 Conference
    Wednesday, March 26, 2003, Washington, DC

  • Python Programming (8-week course)
  • UC Santa Cruz Extension
    Monday evenings, 6:30 - 9:30 PM
    January 6 - March 10, 2003
    (except January 20 and February 17)
    Moffett Business Park, Sunnyvale, CA

  • Internet Programming with Python
        and Introduction to Python (tutorials)
  • 15th Systems Administration Conference (LISA 2001)
    Tuesday, December 4, 2001, 1:30 PM and 9 AM
    Town and Country Resort Hotel, San Diego, CA

  • What is Python? (BOF)
  • 5th Annual Linux Showcase and Conference
    Wednesday, November 7, 2001, 6 PM
    Marriott City Center, Oakland, CA

  • Internet Programming with Python (tutorial)
  • 2001 O'Reilly Open Source Convention
    Tuesday, July 24, 2001, 1:45 PM,
    Sheraton Hotel and Marina, San Diego, CA (bio)

  • Python Advanced Topics:
          Focused Introductions (tutorial)
  • 9th International Python Conference (Python9)
    Monday, March 5, 2001, 1 PM,
    Long Beach Hilton Hotel, Los Angeles, CA

  • What is Python? (seminar)
  • Purdue Linux Users Group (PLUG)
    Monday, August 14, 2000, 7 PM,
    Physics 112, Purdue University, Lafayette, IN

  • Python for Beginners (seminar)
  • (Silicon Valley Chapter of)
    The Association of C and C++ Users

    Tuesday, June 13, 2000, 7 PM, San Jose, CA
    Disney TV Animation
    General Dynamics
    Legato (EMC)
    Intuitive Surgical
    Transcontinental Direct
  • Effective Presentations
  • Negotiating Skills
  • Social & Economic Implications of Technology
  • Managing Your Time
  • Financial Accounting
  • Financial Statement Analysis
    Languages: Python, Unix shell script; familiar with SQL, Javascript, JSON, and various markup (i.e., *wiki, reStructuredText, Markdown, etc.)
    Operating Systems: Unix/POSIX (Linux, Mac OS X, etc.) and Win32
    Tools: Source code control (Perforce, git, SVN, CVS, RCS, SCCS), issue tracking (Trac, Bugzilla, RoundUp); Office (Excel, PowerPoint); databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite)
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    Hobbies/Leisure: current events, personal finance, market research, social networking
    Music: maintainer of the "Monster" Alan Parsons Project Discography, classically-trained pianist (since 1972)
    Sports/Recreation: ultimate frisbee, bicycling, skiing, bowling, basketball, personal fitness, yoga, poker
    Traveling: Canada, Mexico, Taiwan, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Sweden, France, Germany, India, Nepal, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Japan, Turkey, Greece, Egypt, Kenya, Italy, Poland, Malaysia, Switzerland, Indonesia, Brazil, Argentina, Bahamas, Costa Rica, Belize, El Salvador
    Associations: Silicon Valley-San Francisco Bay Area Python Users Group: BayPIGgies (volunteer coordinator), Python Tutor mailing list (volunteer moderator/list manager)
    Open Source:
          • Gadfly dbapi20.py (patch 1468968)
          • Python bltinmodule.c (patch 1460496)
          • pyPgSQL PgSQLTestCases.py (patch 942643)
          • Python CGIHTTPServer.py v1.21 (patch 511380)
          • GNU a2ps HTML style sheet v1.1
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